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  • Carmine Appice Signature Snare on Ebay

Carmine Appice Signature Snare on Ebay

And the price is..."enthusiastic"

10 November 2021

10 November 2021

A piece of Mapex history turned up on Ebay recently, a Carmine Appice Signature Snare, and caused a mixture of interest, suspicion and incredulity.

Interest because most people didn't know one existed. Suspicion for much the same reason - was this a genuine item? And incredulity because of the price: the seller, based in Japan, is asking over £1400/$1900! 

Carmine Appice was a fairly early endorsee of Mapex in the 90s, and the oval lugs and original strainer combination was used on several snares around that time, so it certainly looked plausible. A fair amount of digging around the dark corners of the Net to check the provence of this snare followed and it turns out that, yes, it's a real thing. Seamless Brass and very limited numbers made.

I have contacted the seller in Japan to ask permission to use their photos, but so far, no response. That could well be because my Japanese is conversational at best, and I suck badly at formal writing. It could also be because they just aren't interested. Anyway, fingers crossed.

Good luck with getting the asking price for it though. It's an intriguing piece of kit, but you could buy both a Nomad and a Mayan for that sort of money...and still have change to buy any cowbell of your choice. 

Check the link below for more information.