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  • Photos Needed

    Photos Needed

I'm unendingly surprised and genuinely grateful for every photo that anyone has allowed me to use on this site. Thank you all so much. If you have any photos of your Black Panther snare that you'd like to share, even if I have lots of shots already, please get in touch and we can show your baby off to the world. 

The models below however, are the ones for which I either don't have any useable shots, or that I specifically know I need more of in order to properly do that model justice. If you have one of these models, I'd be especially grateful for any shots you have. Even if you just spot one online, I'd really appreciate you dropping me a line and letting me know where. 

No photos at all!

These is the model I'm most deparate to track down, as I can't find even a low resolution photo of it - not even from an old catalogue. Believe me, I've tried. If you happen to have one (or even if you've just spotted one online somewhere) please do get in touch. I'd love to see what it actually looks like.

Only Low Res Shots

I only have very low resolution shots of these models, usually cropped from old catalogues. Sometimes these look ok on mobile phones, but fall apart on HD computer monitors. If you own one and fancy sending me some decent photos I'd really appreciate it.