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  • The White Widow. Photo - Mapex

    The White Widow

  • The White Widow. Photo - Mapex

    The White Widow


With the exception of the colour, which is Artic White rather than transparent Black, this is the same spec kit as the Black Widow. 

To quote Dan at Drumazon's spec for its darker sibling... 

Made popular by Anika Nilles, this is an absolute sonic and visual masterpiece from Mapex. The kit will suit a huge variety of genres with a great set of sizes that further enhance the kits overall potential and versatility.

  • 10 x 7 & 12 x 8 Toms
  • 14 x 12 & 16 x 14 Floor Toms
  • 22 x 18 Bass Drum
  • 6ply North American Maple Shells (5.1mm Toms, 7.2mm Bass Drum)
  • 45 degree centre cut bearing edges
  • SonicSaver Hoops throughout
  • Brushed Black Chrome fittings throughout
  • Arctic White Gloss Lacquer Finish
  • Black Panther Double Ended Tube Lugs
  • Mapex SoniClear Tom Mounts
  • Remo USA Black Panther Branded Drum Heads Throughout

Unlike it's brother, there's no "White Widow" snare to accompany this kit unfortunately. Pity really. Although there are several Arctic White snares in the Saturn range, they don't share the same lugs. 

Limited to 30 Kits in the USA.

Main photos - Mapex.

Other photos courtesy of Gage Scaletta and Drums Etc. Thanks a million folks!


  • Catalogue Ref:
  • Shell Construction:
    6ply North American Maple
  • Shell Thickness:
    5.1mm Toms, 7.2mm Bass Drum
  • Shell Finish:
    Arctic White
  • Bearing Edge:
  • Hardware Finish:
    Black Brushed
  • Lug Casings:
    In-line Locking I-Lugs
  • Hoops:
    Sonic Saver

Released into the Wild

Rarity (on release)

Limited Edition. 30 units in the USA.