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Thank You and Photo Credits

Thank Yous

Firstly and most importantly, endless thanks to my wife Tracey for putting up with me and my obsessions over the years – love you xxxx

Obviously, massive thanks has to go to Mapex themselves for making such amazing drums in the first place.

Huge thank you to Pete and Scot at Sound Attak for the server space and all their help over several decades now!!

Enormous thanks to the great Shimano Lefty of Mapex Japan / Beyond Shimano for making so many incredible creations, and his endless patience with my incessant stupid questions in my horrendous  Japanese. 心から、どうもありがとうございます、ドラム神様。

Huge amounts of gratitude go to Alex Wicheard for letting me have access to his own database of Mapex snares, which has been invaluable in validating and correcting the information on here.  

Personal thanks to Martin Potts of Korg UK for his encouragement with this project, and for all his help with tracking down bits and pieces for my own kits.

I also need to give a shoutout to the wonderful Gareth Heeley of Highwood Drums who has forgotten more about wood and building drums than I'll ever know! Despite running his own drum company, he has generously answered so many of my inane questions about shell materials that I've lost count. Cheers Gareth!

Photo Credits

To everyone who has sent me even one photo (and some have sent many, many shots!) or supplied further information – thank you folks.

The project wouldn’t be anywhere without all your support and generosity.

In (sort of) alphabetical order then..

11wd40 from eBay


Abel Garró Gómez

Adrian Romero

Àlex Raspall

Alex Wicheard

Alexandre Alja

Ariel de Leon

Armin Engelhard at Farm Sound on Reverb

Badges Drum Shop

Benjamin Lopez Mena

Bill (bepdrumsqi)

Carl at the Coalition Drum Shop

Charles Flannery

Chris Amsler

Chris at 2112 Percussion

Chris from Drummers Only

Chris Murray

Clay Foss

cold_air from Carosell

Corey Plueard

Cory Kottick

Cristian Mansilla (trommer4u)

currentkit2022 (eBay)

Cymbals+Drum Refurbs (misterse) on Carosell

Damian Ciupiński

Dan from Drumazon

Dan Kindness

Dan Mikietyn

Dan Orellana of The Music Inn

Dan Rouse

Dan Mayhew

Daniel Tursi

Daniel Z. Warshauer

Darryll O’Brien of Bubby’s Pro Drum Shop

Dave Dudley at Dave's Drum Shop

Dave Grigsby

Dave Hawkins

Dave Malone

Dave Parker

Dave Raeburn

David Simpkins

Dee OG

Diego Kique Salazar

Dirk Forsdyke

Donald McDade

Doug Fuller

Doug Sole at Soul Drums

Drum Butter (Greg Bergeron)

Drum Center of Portsmouth

Drum Dojo on Reverb


Drummer Superstore

Drummie Chris


Duke F. Burgundy 

DXB Drums

Dylan Joel Smith

Edgard Diaz Ruiz

Edward Gravlin at ESG Gear Outlet

Enrico Pezzini

Eric Javier Simmons

Fernando Botero

Garry Fowlds

Gary Seymour

George Lawrence from Not So Modern Drummer

Glenn Sharp

Graham Russell Drums

Graeme Law

Grayson Newland

Gustavo A Ortegon

Guy Gallagher at Guys Gear

Guy Shaw

Hamish Mackintosh

Hayvan Music Drum Shop

Hernández Jorge


Hugh Jeffries

Ilario Felicetti

ilmercatinodelbatterista from eBay

inferno87 from

Into Music 

Ishibashi's Reverb listing 

J.C. Gear 

J.D. Cowan

Jason Vazquez

Jay Butcher

JG Awad

Jack's Boutique

Jake at Horny's Drums

James B. Harrison

Jean Marc Pavani

Jeff Keyser

Jeremy at Olympia Music Hub.

Jesse Larson

Jesse Dwyer

Jedzenti on Fat Llama 

John (chas8881 on eBay)

John Raimonda

John Taylor

Jon Lee

Jonathan Long

Joris Nijenhuis

Joshua McKay

Joshua Smelser


Juan Palesama

Julio from Neko Music in Japan

Justin Woodward

Kelly Endsley

Kenneth of Kenneth Geer of Kenneth's Gear Bazaar 

Kevin Anderson


Kyle Riley

Liam Ross

lidija4 from

Levi Lateralus

Lieven Vandeurzen

Loud and Clear Music

Luis Henrique Carboni

Malte Barke

Mapex Italia

Mark Zivilik

Martin Borré

Martine8 on eBay

Matt Valle

Matthew Wade

Max Pepe

Mazão Souza

mcfly231 from eBay Germany 

Michael Dawson

Michał Usdrowski

Mike Hendrickx

Mike Harper

Mikołaj Kaczmarek

Morgan Deveney

Nikolas Georgopoulos


Olivier Mariétan


Patrice Le Moine at Rimocc'

Paul Dasilva

Paul from anniemyles on eBay

Paul Sturrey (paulsturrey123)

Pauline and Cliff Avery

Peter Kolodka

Peter Lorenz

Peter Ussher

Philippe Perret

Ramy Issa

Ray Elliott

Rees Bridges

Richard Hawes

Richard Penner

Richard Prentice

Rick at the Music Emporium

Rob from Drumnutz

Rob from The Cymbal Centre

Roberto Vazquez

Roy (roymundo)

Sam (sam_bax15) from eBay

Sandro Bustíos Chávez

Sarah Lappin

Scott at One Stop Drums

Sean at the Boston Drum Center

Shannon Stephenson

Shayne from Steve's Music

Simon Daniels

Skip Wilde


Stefan Luschner

Stephen Lieske

Stephen Watters

Thomas Riveros at Nova Music

Tim Coulson

Tim Gillespie

Tim Scharn

Todd Crawford of Metro Gnome Music 

Tom Potti

Tony Holt

Tony Thomas

Travis Denwood

Tristan at Drum Attic 

Victor Litz Music

Vince T. Desmarais

Vittorio Brighindi

Warren Armstrong 

Wessel Kuit

William at Modern Music

Woodys Backline


Zack Cruz

Zach Edwards

Thanks also to the very few people who sent shots, but didn't want to be credited - you know who you are.

If I’ve missed anyone out, please accept my apologies and do let me know so I can credit you!

Where there has been absolutely no alternative, photos from WalmartAmazonAudiofanzineWorthpoint and Picclick have occasionally been used for reference under fair use. If you happen to see one of your shots, please do get in touch and I’d be delighted to credit you properly.

The Mapex Black Panther Archive is a fan project, aimed at celebrating the world's best snares. It is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Mapex, KHS, or any local distributer.

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The Mapex Black Panther Archive

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Mapex Black Panther Archive is a fan project, aimed at celebrating the world's best snares. It is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Mapex, KHS, or any local distributer.