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  • Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Drum Kit. Photo - Mapex

    Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Drum Kit

  • Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Drum Kit. Photo - Mapex

    Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Drum Kit


This one is a tad "left field" as it doesn't really fit into any standard range; it's its own thing and even the badge is unique. It even had its own dedicated website - Sadly this is now defunct and even the usually brilliant Wayback Machine can't get it to open*.

Released in late 2019 to commemorate, obviously, the 30th Anniversary of Mapex starting drum production, it's a definite hark back to the earlier Orion series, but with "features developed through the Mapex Design Lab" (see the press release below). 

Given all this, and the fact that the 30th Anniversary Snare is a Black Panther, I'm putting it with the Black Panther kit family, where it obviously belongs. 

Only 300 of these kits were available worldwide. The "matching" snare didn't come as part of the kit, despite all the catalogue shots and photos from drum stores that displayed the two together.    

From the Mapex Press Release...

"The MAPEX 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Drum Kit inherits the spirit of “Orion Classic” series drum kit, the most representative sound of MAPEX drums in the 90s. This special anniversary drum kit is an all-maple kit, made of 100% North American Maple wood like those found in the original Orion Classic series. The sound characteristics of these classic drum shells provide Warmth, Presence, and Projection while the more modern features developed through the Mapex Design Lab enables the drum kit to produce an even warmer sound with minimum vibration transfer and maximum resonance, accommodating the most demanding player."

*I've deliberately not made this a clickable link, as it gets redirected to sites that'll give your antivirus a workout!

Photos - Mapex.


  • Catalogue Ref:
  • Shell Construction:
    100% North American Maple
  • Shell Thickness:
    8ply 7.9mm Bass Drum Shells, 6ply 6.2mm Tom Shells
  • Shell Finish:
    Garnet Flame (ME)
  • Bearing Edge:
  • Hardware Finish:
  • Lug Casings:
    Sculpted Shield
  • Hoops:
    Sonic Saver

Released into the Wild

Rarity (on release)

Only 300 kits available worldwide


Note: These components were not available separately.
Part No.TypeSize
Bass Drum
Floor Tom
Floor Tom