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  • Black Panther Kits - New Section Added

Black Panther Kits - New Section Added

05 April 2023

05 April 2023

After quite a bit of work and a lot of trawling around the net, the new section for Black Panther Kits is now live. 

As ever, it's always going to be a work in progress (it's a website, not a book) but having managed to track down at least one image of every kit and sorted the component listing, I think it's good enough now to launch.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this and for Tosh Mihalev for suggesting it in the first place.

Oh - and as a bit of a "Launch Special" HUGE thanks to a certain Martin Potts from Korg UK, who supplied a unique video and gallery of shots from the initial built of Craig Blundell's custom concert tom kit. If you listen closely, that noise you can hear is my teeth grinding in jealousy! Not joking.

If you do HAVE a Black Panther kit and fancy taking/submitting some shots of it for the archive that would be phenomenal. You can never have too many photos, and it would be nice to have more "in the wild" photos. The vast majority of photos at launch are catalogue shots of various descriptions and qualities. 

Also, as most of it was built at stupid o'clock in the morning, if you do spot any information errors or even just spelling mistakes, please do give me a shout.

Hope you enjoy.

All the best as ever


PS As with the Orions and Saturns, if you just want to see Black Panther snares, consider the kits to be at the same party but in an adjoining room you don't need to visit if you don't want to. šŸ˜½