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Turbo Charged Panthers!

LiteSpeed Cache Installed

28 February 2023

28 February 2023

I’ve been getting a bit concerned recently about the rendering speed of some pages on the site, especially “All Snares”. It was fine when I started the site and there were only a few dozen items, but with nearly 350 Panthers now it’s been getting increasingly clunky.

The final straw was the most recent Google Search report which clearly marked the page speed as a issue. To be fair, it was taking nearly 10 seconds to render the biggest page.

Ok – time to bite the bullet and install LiteSpeed Cache.

Despite it now being a bit of a pain when it comes to updating the site, especially reworking templates, Good God it’s made a difference! Page speed now seems to be as fast as your Internet connection can go. Even the “All Snares” pages is almost instant, and Google has stopped complaining.

Hope you all find it more usable now.

Could I ask a major favour of you all and ask that you let me know if find any problems with it on your systems? There a limit to how much testing I can do on my own hardware.

Much obliged and all the best as ever.


PS The homepage isn’t cached yet as the “One from the vaults” just serves up the same thing every time, but I’m working on that..